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Sign Up to the Gig List!
Sign Up to the Gig List!

the Giglist has ceased to exist. though i'm sure most of you know that already. i've had quite a few emails over the past number of months asking what happened to the list. so i just want everyone to know it is indeed dead. i was hoping to resurect it at some point, but school and work got too hectic. for those looking for show information i have included the urls/email addresses of some lists that i used to make up the giglist. check them out. also, i would like to thank anyone who sent in show dates and info.

for those of you interested i have started up a mailing list (called Subterranean) to promote Canadian punk, ska, hardcore, oi, garage, etc. bands, labels, radio hosts, zine editors, and especially fans are more then welcome to subscribe to the list. i'll pass along any Canadian show information that people send me to the list. it's automated so i won't have to do much upkeep on it :)

take care,


to subscribe to Subterranean go Here

While your at it check out my home/zine page!

mailing lists and webpages that have been an invaluable source of info for the giglist:

Vicious Circle



Cambridge, MA

Edmonton, AB

Calgary, AB

Los Angeles



Pittsburgh Area Show List

Northeast Show List


Live Shows, an e-version of OSU area live shows and concerts, is posted to,, osu.general, and cmh.general. E-mail with the Subject SUB to subscribe. To unsubscribe, send e-mail with the Subject UNSUB to the same address.

UK Punk Shows List

Netherlands ++ Change your subscribtion? Send email to with in the body of the message 'subscribe lal ' for subscribing or 'unsubscribe lal ' for unsubscribing.





Bay Area/Northern CA/Reno,NV



Minneapolis/St. Paul

If you have any questions, feel free to Email me.